Expert Aluminum Sand Casting Manufacturer & Foundry in China
Expert Aluminum Sand Casting Manufacturer & Foundry in China

Aluminum Sand Casting

  • Cheap mold fee
  • Support small-batch production
  • Applicable to products of various sizes and shapes
  • Production on demand

The casting method of pouring molten aluminum into the sand mold, after solidification and cooling, destroying the sand mold, and taking out the casting is called aluminum sand casting.

It is applicable to the production of castings of various shapes and sizes. Besides pure aluminum, aluminum alloy castings can also be made.

  • Auto Parts
  • Aviation Parts
  • Aluminum Alloy Wheel hub
  • Aluminum Alloy Gear Pump Housing
  • Aluminum Alloy Food Equipment
  • Aluminum Alloy Water Pump Housing
  • Cylinder Block
  • Gearbox
  • Steering Gear Housing
  • Rear Axle Housing
  • Brake Drum Various Frame Mechanical Parts
  • Engineering Machinery Parts
  • High-speed Rail Parts

The main processes of aluminum sand alloy casting effectively as follows:

  • Molding
  • Core Making
  • Molding
  • Melting
  • Pouring
  • Sand Dropping
  • Cleaning Inspection
Steady Qualit

Steady Qualit

WTM has rich production experience, formed a complete quality control system, and equipped professional technical personnel.

We should not only ensure the quality of aluminum castings but also have strong stability. This has dramatically reduced the risk to customers’ operations and provided a guarantee for them to expand the market and stabilize trade.

Competitive Price

WTM comes from China, has a complete industrial supporting system, and has advantages worldwide.

We try to reduce production costs through continuous management optimization and provide customers with competitive prices. We firmly believe that only by helping customers gain a larger market can WTM have better development!

Competitive Price
Fast Feedback

Experienced Staff

WTM employees have rich work experience, have received professional training, and continue to grow in practice.

Excellent employees are the enterprise’s core, and all production, sales, and after-sales stages are inseparable from professional personnel to provide customer service!

Production on Demand

In addition to providing standard parts, we can also produce according to customers’ requirements or drawings. We can help you put your ideas into production.

No matter what you need in the field of aluminum castings, please contact us!

Production on Demand
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