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CNC EDM Wire Cutting

  • Wide scope of application
  • Can process complex shapes
  • No burr
  • No special tools required
  • Reduce material damage

Wire cutting refers to the use of metal wires with good conductivity and high melting points to form electrodes with metal products after being electrified. The heat generated is usually about 10000 degrees, reaching the melting point of metal products, so that the product can be cut.

This process has advantages for processing complex, high hardness, and high precision parts.

Good Team Service

Good Team Service

WTM has a professional team to solve your problems, including production, technology, sales, after-sales, and other personnel.

In addition to providing you with a one-stop shopping experience, high-quality after-sales service also gives you no worries.

One Stop Shopping Experience

WTM provides customers with a one-stop shopping experience. In addition to castings, it can also provide machining services and surfacing services.

These will make your purchase easier!

One stop shopping

After Sales Improvement

In addition to providing you with quality products, perfect after-sales service is also our feature.

We have special staff to handle after-sales service until you are completely satisfied and answer any questions you have!

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