CNC Milling Manufacturer
CNC Milling Supplier

CNC Milling

  • Flexible
  • High machining accuracy
  • High production efficiency
  • Can handle complex shapes
  • Reduce the labor intensity of operators
  • High consistency of batch parts

CNC milling has used the computer to control the high-speed rotation of the tool to cut the fixed blank.

The tool can move flexibly and can process complex shapes, and the thickness can also be controlled. Not limited to a circular or cylindrical shape.

High Accuracy

Strict Quality Control

WTM regards quality as life. We should do our best to provide customers with high-quality and qualified products.

In addition to professional quality inspection equipment, we also conducted strict training for technical personnel!


The complete equipment is the guarantee of production. Can let us deliver goods on time and produce all kinds of professional products.

Our production equipment includes Gas Producer、Heat Treatment Furnace、Wire-mesh Belt、Painting Pipelining、CNC、CNC-Lathe and so on.



WTM has its own foundry and machining center, and has rich import and export experience, combining the advantages of production and trade.

No matter what field you are engaged in, welcome to communicate with us. If our professional knowledge can just help you, it will be our honor!

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