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Ductile Iron Sand Casting Manufacturer

Ductile Iron Sand Casting

  • Good impact and ductility
  • Effective prevention of cracks
  • Strong corrosion resistance

It refers to making a cavity mold with sand, pouring liquid ductile iron, cooling, and solidifying, and breaking the sand shell to obtain the casting.

This material can effectively improve the performance of castings and is widely used in the fields of railway parts, aerospace, and automobile parts.

Customized Service

Customized Service

WTM provides OEM and ODM services, which can be customized according to customer needs.
The OEM cooperation mode is that the brand manufacturer is responsible for designing and developing new products and controlling sales channels using the critical core technologies he has mastered. The entrusted manufacturer only conducts production and manufacturing according to the technical data and requirements of the brand.

The ODM cooperation mode provides the purchaser with all services from R&D, design, production, and post-maintenance.

Professional Export Services

After years of effort, WTM has created a smooth and perfect export process.

Standardized packaging can make the products reach your hands safely. Transportation channels include sea transportation, air transportation, and land transportation, which can be determined according to customer needs. The export documents are complete, and various certificates of origin and other certificates can be issued.

Comprehensive Services
Fast Feedback

Fast Feedback

WTM has super fast feedback speed. Our team will reply to the email within 6 hours.

In addition to high-quality products, we have also been working hard to provide customers with efficient services!

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