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Grader Blades Series Types

NingBo Winner Tiger Machinery Co., Ltd is a renowned Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) supplier specializing in manufacturing high-quality grader blades for a wide range of applications in the construction and mining industries. With our commitment to customization, premium materials, and precision manufacturing processes, we provide a comprehensive range of grader blades to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Contact us today for your grader blade requirements.

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Flat Grader Blades: Maintain Roads with Precision

For road maintenance tasks that require staying on top of regular upkeep rather than complete road reshaping, flat grader blades are the go-to choice. WTM offers flat grader blades in different sizes to suit your specific requirements. These blades excel in maintaining road surfaces, ensuring precision and accuracy. They are also compatible with box scrapers and tractor skid steer bucket edges, providing versatility in various applications.

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Curved Grader Blades: Enhance Material Flow and Efficiency

Curved grader blades, available in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses, are designed to improve material flow when used on motor graders and underbody plows. With their unique curved shape, these blades ensure a smooth and efficient grading operation. Whether you need to reshape the road or maintain its existing surface, curved grader blades from WTM are the ideal solution. They optimize material flow, resulting in enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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Serrated Grader Blades: Superior Penetration for Challenging Surfaces

When dealing with challenging surface materials or icy and snowy conditions, serrated grader blades from WTM are your ultimate solution. With their serrated edges, these blades offer enhanced traction and penetration capabilities, enabling efficient and effective road maintenance even in the toughest environments. WTM’s serrated grader blades have been proven to outperform traditional blades when it comes to penetrating ice and snow, ensuring safer and smoother road surfaces.

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Customized Solutions for Grader Blades

At NingBo Winner Tiger Machinery, we understand the importance of tailoring grader blades to meet specific requirements. We offer customized options based on customer drawings or samples, ensuring the perfect fit for their equipment and applications.

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Materiales de primera calidad para mayor durabilidad

Premium Materials for Durability

Our grader blades are manufactured using high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel, and carbide materials. These materials ensure exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear, providing consistent performance in challenging conditions.

Stringent Quality Control

We implement rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that our grader blades meet the highest standards. Our dedication to quality is further supported by providing certificates for all requirements and test reports for every delivery.

Control de calidad riguroso

Models That We Can Assemble

Production System

Casting Types

Testing Equipment


What is the Lead Time?

Casting:30-60 days.

CNC machining:15-30 days.

What is the Payment Methods?

Our payment options include T/T, L/C, or O/A.

What is the Warranty?

One year without vandalism.

What are your terms of packing for the Grader Blade?

When it comes to packing our high-quality Grader Blades, we prioritize the safety and protection of the product. Generally, we use strong fumigated wooden pallets. However, if you have a legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after obtaining your authorization. We understand the importance of branding and are committed to meeting your requirements.

What are your terms of delivery?

We provide multiple delivery terms to cater to your specific needs. You can select from options such as FOB, CNF, DDU, or CIF based on your preference and convenience. Our aim is to ensure a seamless and hassle-free delivery process for you.

How about your delivery time?

Our delivery time depends on the availability of the specific Grader Blade model. If we have the model you need in stock, we can arrange delivery within a few days. However, if the product is not readily available, the estimated delivery time is around 20 to 60 days after receiving your advance payment. The actual delivery timeframe is subject to the specific items and the quantity of your order. Rest assured, we strive to deliver your order as efficiently as possible.

Can you produce Grader Blades according to samples?

Absolutely! We have the expertise and capability to produce Grader Blades based on your samples or technical drawings. Our skilled team can work with your specifications to ensure the highest quality outcome. Additionally, if necessary, we can even build molds to achieve precise replication.

What is your sample policy?

We understand the importance of samples in the decision-making process. If we have ready parts in stock, we can supply samples upon request. However, please note that customers are responsible for covering the sample cost and the courier charges. We strive to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate our products before making a purchase, ensuring your satisfaction.

How to make a grader blade?

Making a grader blade typically requires specialized equipment and expertise. It involves processes such as cutting, shaping, and welding steel to create the blade structure. The blade should be designed with the appropriate curvature and angle to ensure effective grading. It is recommended to consult with professional fabricators or manufacturers who specialize in grader blades to ensure proper construction and functionality.

How to use a grader blade on a tractor?

To use a grader blade on a tractor, follow these general steps:

  1. Attach the grader blade to the three-point hitch of the tractor, ensuring it is securely fastened.
  2. Adjust the angle and height of the blade as needed using the tractor’s hydraulic controls or manual adjustments.
  3. Position the tractor so that the grader blade is aligned with the area you want to grade.
  4. Engage the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) to activate the blade’s cutting edge.
  5. Slowly drive the tractor forward while controlling the blade’s depth and angle to achieve the desired grading or leveling effect.
  6. Make multiple passes if necessary, adjusting the blade as needed to achieve the desired result.

It’s important to note that the specific operation may vary depending on the tractor model and the design of the grader blade. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and receive proper training before using a grader blade on a tractor.

What is a grader blade used for?

A: A grader blade, also known as a grading or box blade, is a versatile attachment used primarily with tractors for various earthmoving and land-leveling tasks. Some common uses of a grader blade include:

  • Grading and leveling roads, driveways, and parking lots.
  • Spreading and leveling gravel, soil, or other loose materials.
  • Clearing debris and snow from surfaces.
  • Creating or maintaining drainage ditches and trenches.
  • Removing small brush or vegetation.
  • Smoothing and preparing surfaces for construction or landscaping projects.

Grader blades are designed to provide control and precision in shaping and leveling the ground. Their adjustable features allow operators to achieve the desired grade and contour efficiently.

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