Hardfacing for Wear-resisting
Hardfacing for Thickening - Supplier in China

Hardfacing for Thickening

  • For the purpose of increasing or restoring the part size
  • The welding between homogeneous materials

It refers to overlaying a layer of metal material of the same material to increase the thickness or restore the original shape.

The processed product has excellent performance and can effectively extend the service life. It is widely used for repairing mechanical parts.

Precise Dimensional Control

Strict Quality Control

We have advanced quality inspection equipment and excellent engineers to check the surfacing products layer by layer to ensure product quality.

Quality is our life, and providing high-quality products is our pursuit.

Perfect After-sales Service

At WTM, you just tell us your requirements, order, sample confirmation, batch production, and delivery, and we will make proper arrangements.

We will cooperate with you in the end if you encounter any problems after purchase!

One stop shopping

One-stop Shopping

In addition to providing surfacing services, WTM also provides sand casting, precision casting, machining services, etc.

We provide a one-stop shopping experience, which can not only select all kinds of mechanical products but also track the whole process from order placement to receipt.

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