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High Precision Casting

  • The dimension and external contour of the casting is clear
  • The casting surface is smooth and clean with good appearance quality
  • Dense structure and comprehensive casting
  • Without drying, the production cycle is shortened and energy is saved

High-precision casting refers to manufacturing investment mold with paraffin materials, repeatedly applying mortar on the investment mold, hardening the sand shell, melting paraffin at high temperature to form a cavity, and injecting liquid metal.

The products cast by this process have high accuracy, less processing volume, or even none.

Customer is God

Customer is God

It is our pursuit to provide customers with a good shopping experience.

Winner Tiger has a professional team. You can communicate with us whether you buy products or not. We will use our professional knowledge to answer your questions.


Winner Tiger is a professional foundry with its own plant and equipment. In addition to production experience, it also has rich import and export experience.

Once you choose Winner Tiger, you can have high-quality products and services!

Optimize Process

Optimize Process

Each process has its own unique production process.

Through years of practice, Winner Tiger has been trying to optimize the production process and become an excellent entrepreneur.

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