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Investment Casting Supplier in China

Winner Tiger has rich experience in investment casting. In the past 10 years, our products have been exported to many countries and regions worldwide.


Investment Casting Series

Investment casting is an industrial process based on lost-wax casting, also called High Precision Casting. Compared with sand casting, the precision of products is higher, the surface is smoother, and the subsequent processing is also less. This process has advantages in producing precise and complex products.

Case of Winner Tiger

Winner Tiger insists on improving our service from the perspective of customers. Providing high-quality, economic, and stable products has always been our pursuit. Here are our recent investment casting products. Welcome to consult!

Investment Casting Benefits


High precision, smooth surface, thus reducing processing volume, saving time and materials


Mass production, avoiding the traumatic surface caused by mechanical processing, and the finished products are consistent

Reduce spare parts

Applicable to various sizes and shapes, and has advantages in producing high-temperature alloy castings

Metallic materials
Metallic materials

Parts of various materials can be made, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel

High-quality Casting

With advanced equipment and experienced engineers, Winner Tiger is always committed to providing customers with high-quality castings. We also have rich experience in complex castings and are good at overcoming difficulties and developing challenging businesses.

In addition, we have applied for many certificates, equipped with many quality inspection types of equipment, and constantly improved ourselves.

High-quality Casting


After years of development, Winner Tiger has rich experience in production and export.

Our engineers will conduct DFM and mold flow analysis for each order to ensure the feasibility of production. We also have a special team to follow up on booking, export customs declaration, and transportation.

Investment Casting supplier in China

Investment Casting Foundry in China
Investment Casting Foundry in China2

WTM is a Trustworthy casting parts supplier in China, with 8000 square meters and more than 10 years of production experience. We continue to improve our strength in practice and are very happy to solve your casting problems!

We provide one-stop services, including design, mold manufacturing, sample testing, formal production, packaging, and delivery.

This can help you reduce processes and risks. We are willing to provide customers with a good shopping experience.

Why Choose Winner Tiger

High Accuracy
Production on Demand

We have a complete manufacturing system to meet customers’ various needs, including rapid price, small batch manufacturing and mass production.

This ensures that customers can obtain cost-effective solutions at any stage.

Multiple Materials

We have a variety of materials for your choice, including Carbon Steel、Alloy Steel、High Mn Steel、Stainless Steel、High Cr Steel、Wear Resistance Steel、Ductile Iron、Gray Iron, and so on.

We look forward to using our professional knowledge and strong supply capacity to meet your unique needs.

Major Industrial Applications

railway spares
Railway Spares

Investment casting is widely used in the field of railway spares. It can produce railway fittings of various shapes and sizes. Due to the process characteristics of wax loss casting, the product has high-cost performance and strong market competitiveness.

engineering parts
Engineering Parts

Investment Casting is also applicable to the production of engineering parts. Compared with traditional Sand Casting, it is more accurate and has less machining allowance.

auto parts
Auto Parts

In addition to Sand Casting, Investment Casting is also widely used in Auto Parts. Generally, it is mainly small parts, and we are very happy to be consulted by auto parts purchasers.

Investment Casting Manufacturer & Foundry in China
Leading Investment Casting Supplier in China

Winner Tiger is a advanced supplier from China, Our mature support system has advantages worldwide. It can improve efficiency and reduce costs. The factory also has a mature production and quality control system. Our pursuit has always been to help customers’ cause and provide them with high-quality and economical products.

  • “When I first cooperated with WTM, I just started the import business. Before that, I found many suppliers on the Internet. Their prices were very attractive, but the products they received were a pile of garbage. Later, I met Linda, who gave me a lot of professional advice, which made me avoid many detours and able to tolerate my bad temper. Once, I lost my temper when the port could not pick up the goods normally, but Linda kept looking for solutions. Finally, she successfully picked up the goods and saved the loss. Now she is not only my supplier but also my good friend!”



What is the Lead Time?

Casting:30-60 days.

CNC machining:15-30 days.

What is the Payment Methods?

Our payment options include T/T, L/C, or O/A.

What is the Warranty?

One year without vandalism.

What are your terms of packing?

At WTM, we prioritize the safe delivery of our investment casting products. Therefore, we generally pack them in strong fumigated wooden pallets. If you have a legally registered patent, we can even pack the goods in your branded boxes after obtaining your authorization.

What are your terms of delivery?

At WTM, we offer various delivery options to meet your needs. You can choose from FOB (Free On Board), CNF (Cost and Freight), DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), or CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) terms, depending on your preferences and requirements.

How about your delivery time?

If the specific investment casting model is in stock, we can ensure a prompt delivery within a few days. However, if the items are not currently available, it may take approximately 20 to 60 days after receiving your advance payment. The exact delivery time depends on the specific items and the quantity of your order.

Can you produce investment casting products according to samples?

Absolutely! At WTM, we have the expertise to produce investment casting products based on your provided samples or technical drawings. We can also build custom molds to meet your specific requirements.

What is your sample policy?

If we have ready parts in stock, we are pleased to supply you with a sample. However, please note that customers are responsible for covering the sample cost and courier charges.

What are the Advantages of Lost Foam Casting in Production of Electric Shovel Bucket Teeth?
Caterpillar interchangeable series bucket teeth are key components on open-pit coal mine electric shovels. Single cast part weighs 135 kg, made from ZGMnl3 material. The traditional casting process for such parts usually involves a complex workflow with multiple sand cores, time-consuming, and requires a high standard of operation from the workers. The final product often has rough edges, which are difficult to clean up, contributing to a high reject rate. The lost foam casting process presents many technical and economic advantages to address these issues.


Here are some of the key benefits to consider:


  1. No need for a core, eliminating the core-making process and relevant machinery.
  2. No parting line, no core print gap, hence no rough edges or burrs on the castings.
  3. The requirement for mould draft and other crucial parameters, such as negative parting line and negative core values, can be reduced or even eliminated, enhancing the precision specifications of the casting.
  4. The polyurethane foam mould is easy to bond and assemble.
  5. Better working environment and lower production costs.


To fully leverage the advantages of the lost foam casting process and improve the output rate, a cluster casting method can be used to forge the bucket teeth. Using bottom-pull negative pressure sandbox, ten pieces can be placed in one box, with the tip of the bucket teeth facing downwards, placed parallel within the sandbox. No sprue is necessary due to the use of a closed casting system.


When pouring, the riser is filled first and then swiftly and steadily filled until molten steel fills the sprue from start to finish. The EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) in the direct sprue vaporizes quickly and the space is filled with molten steel in a short time. This not only effectively prevents the vacuum from drawing gas into the mold but also creates a certain static pressure in the casting system. Thus, preventing gas inclusions and sediment during the filling process and averting defects such as gas holes, shrinkage, etc., while also avoiding waste caused by box collapse due to the casting.


The casting obtained by lost foam casting has good molding, geometric specifications completely up to standard; the casting has good process properties, no burrs, no shrinkage, shrinkage conditions, no feeder head; reducing labor such as cleaning and laser cutting by 50%. The yield of the casting is more than 40% higher than that of the traditional sand mold casting.


Backed by a decade, NingBo Winner Tiger Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of casting, forging, and CNC machining spare parts for mining, construction, and rails. The company’s casting process includes techniques like investment casting, sand casting, precision casting, making them perfectly equipped for creating highly durable products enhancing the performance of machinery like an excavator’s bucket teeth.


In conclusion, the lost foam method with its multitude of advantages notably improves the quality of bucket teeth, making them more efficient. This alongside the expertise of companies like NingBo Winner Tiger Machinery Co., Ltd significantly broadens the horizons in bucket teeth’s manufacturing process, introducing advanced, optimized solutions.
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