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Lost Wax Casting

  • The dimensional accuracy generally reaches CT4-6,
  • High surface finish
  • Can reduce machining
  • It can precisely cast complex castings of various alloys, especially superalloy castings
  • Realize mass production and ensure the consistency of castings

Lost wax casting refers to manufacturing a product model with wax material that is easy to shape and will melt. After the wax model is made, the surface is repeatedly dipped with mortar, and then the sand shell is hardened, and the wax mold inside is melted at a high temperature to form an inner cavity. Then the metal liquid is injected, and the sand shell is damaged after cooling so that the casting can be obtained.

The product precision of this process is high, the manufacturing of complex products has advantages, and the processing allowance is small.

Short Delivery Time

Short Delivery Time

Under the same conditions, WTM can deliver goods in a shorter time.

In addition to the perfect support facilities, there is also the professional staff. The efficient team service enables you to receive goods faster.

High Qualification Rate

WTM has a strict quality control system, and technicians have rich experience in quality inspection, thus improving the qualification rate of products.

It is our pursuit to provide customers with perfect products as much as possible.

High Accuracy
Precise Dimensional Control

Strict Quality Control

WTM has a perfect quality inspection system, and technicians strictly abide by the inspection rules to ensure the quality of products.

Our hardworking customers provide high-quality products, please feel free to contact us!

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