Fabricante de fundición de arena pre-recubierta
Precoated Sand Casting/ Shell casting Supplier

Precoated Sand Casting/ Shell Casting

  • High precision and small machining allowance
  • The surface is smooth and clean
  • Thin wall castings can be poured
  • Low scrap rate and stable process
  • Low mold and production costs

It refers to manufacturing two half-shaped shells with coated sand, then merging them to form a cavity, injecting metal liquid, and shaking the sand shell after solidification to obtain castings.

This process is mostly used to produce relatively large parts, such as automobile pump bodies, valve bodies, bulldozer blade angles, etc. Because the coated sand can be reused, it can effectively reduce costs.


Well Appointed

WTM has advanced production equipment and a perfect quality inspection system. At the same time, our team has rich experience and technology and can give full play to the role of equipment.

All these have established a solid foundation for providing high-quality products.

Full Certification

WTM has obtained many certificates, such as ISO9001:2000, TS16949:2002, ITAR, TUV, SGS, and CE.

Please feel free to cooperate with WTM!

Costo integral bajo

Low Cost

WTM optimizes the production process, improves production efficiency, and thus reduces production costs.

It has always been our pursuit to provide customers with cost-effective products.

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