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Resin Sand Casting

  • Smooth surface and accurate size
  • High comprehensive quality and clear external outline
  • High stability and low scrap rate
  • The production cycle is short.

The mixture of sand, resin, and curing agent is used as raw material to make two half-shaped shells. Then merge the two half-shaped shells to form a cavity, pour the liquid alloy, and shake the sand shell after cooling to complete the casting.

It is suitable for the production of medium and large parts, such as the shipbuilding industry, automobile industry, and aerospace industry. If the quantity is small and the variety is large, it is also very suitable.


Wide Application

Resin Sand Casting is widely used. Standard fields include Engineering Parts, Buildings Parts, Railway Spares, and Agricultural Machinery Parts.

If you need it, please get in touch with us, and we will provide you with the most professional advice!

Production Process

The production process of Resin Sand Casting includes Mould-making、Mould-shaping、Sand core-making、Moulds-assembling、Material- smelting and so on.

After years of practice, we have optimized the production process to provide customers with better products.

Production Process
High Production Efficiency

High Production Efficiency

WTM employees have been strictly trained and have rich production experience.

In the production process, we constantly optimize the process and improve production efficiency!

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