Fabricante de Ripper Shanks en China

Ripper Shanks Manufacturer in China

Ripper Parts Series

Winner Tiger provides integrally forged scarifier support angles and welded forged support angles to meet various customer needs. A full range of scarifier support angles from major OEM brands in the market, with a maximum thickness of 120MM.Using wear-resistant materials such as molybdenum alloy steel, with extremely high hardness and toughness, extending product life.

Protectores de vástago
Shank Protectors
  • Application Model: Dozer
  • Delivery time: 20-40 days after order confirmation
  • Hardness: 46-52
  • Heat treatment is carried out to ensure the right hardness
  • Material: High wear resistance alloy Steel
  • MOQ: 1000kg for one order
  • Nature of Business: Manufacturer
  • Price terms: FOB Ningbo/Shanghai or CIF, C&F, EXW…
  • Process: Lost wax casting/Precision investment casting
Ripper Shanks
Ripper Shanks
  • Application Model: Dozer, Bulldozer
  • Color: Yellow or Customer Required
  • Highly wear resistant
  • Material: 35CrMo
  • Material: High Spec alloy Steel
  • OEM or Customized
  • Package: Plywood Pallet
  • Thickness: 60MM-120MM



Dientes y protectores
Ripper Teeth
  • Delivery time:30-40 days
  • Hardness:HRC46-52
  • Impact:≥20J
  • Logo: customer logo or no logo
  • Material: High-quality alloy Steel
  • MOQ:1000kgs for one order
  • Package: Standard export plywood case
  • Price terms: FOB Ningbo/Shanghai, CIF, C&F, EXW…
  • Process: Lost wax precision casting
  • Samples: Offer samples free of charge, but freight is collect.
  • Tensile Strength:≥1400Rm-N/mm²
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Winner Tiger Ripper Parts Benefits

Fábrica de experiencias
Advanced Equipment
Seguro de calidad
Excellent Process
Personalización de soporte
Excelente servicio

The Best Balance Between Hardness and Toughness

Produced by forging with chromium molybdenum alloy steel, it has extremely high hardness and toughness, extending the product’s service life.

El mejor equilibrio entre dureza y tenacidad

Models That We Can Assemble

8E5347 D8N-R(SS)
8E5346 D8N-R(MS)
8E5340 D8N-R(DR)
8E5342 D8L(SS)
8E5341 D8L(MS)
8E5340 D8L(DR)
1073485 D8K(SS)
8E5346 D8K(MS)
1073486 D8K(DR)
1144503 D9R(SS)
8E5346 D9R(MS)
1099114 D9R(DR)
8E5339 D9N(SS)
8E5346 D9N(MS)
8E5348 D9N(DR)
1073485 D9H(SS)
8E5345 D9H(MS)
1073486 D9H(DR)
8E8414 D9L(SS)
8E8415 D9L(MS)
8E8416 D9L(DR)
1182140 D10R-T(SS)
8E8415 D10R-T(MS)
1093135 D10R-T(DR)
8E8411 D10N(SS)
8E8415 D10N(MS)
8E8417 D10N(DR)
8E8412 D10(SS)
8E8413 D10(MS)
1049277 D11N/R(SS)
8E8413 D11N/R(MS)
144-78-11243 D65A-8, E-8
154-78-31230 D85
175-78-21615 D155A-2
175-79-32131 D155A-2
15A-78-11150 D155A-3, -5
15A-79-11120 D155A-3, -5
195-78-31141 D355
195-79-51151 D375
198-78-21340 D475
1142-89-09000 D475
154-78-14348 SD22
16Y-84-30000 SD16
175-78-21615 SD32
185-89-06000 SD52
23Y-89-00100 SD22
24Y-89-30000 SD32
31Y-89-07000 SD42
Part No. Model
141-78-11253 D65
141-78-11254 D65
175-78-31230 D85
175-78-31230TL D85
195-78-21331 D275A D355A
195-78-21331TL D275A D355A
195-78-21331CH D275A D355A
195-78-71320 D375A
198-78-21370 D375A D475A
198-78-21340 D375A D475A
198-78-21430 D375A D475A
Part No. Model
6J8814 D8K D8L D8N D9H D9N
8E1848 D8K D8L D8N D9H D9N
9W8365 D9L D10N
9N4621 D9L D10 D10N D11 D11N
6Y8960HD D9L D10 D10N D11 D11N
195-78-21320 D85 D135A D155A D275A D355A D455A
195-78-71111 D375A
195-78-21580 D275A D355A D455A
198-78-21330 D375A D475A
198-78-21390 D475A
C Si Mn P S B Cr Ni Mo CEA
Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max
% % % % % % % % % %
0.32 0.7 1.6 0.025 0.01 0.004 1.4 1.5 0.6 0.7

Replacement Brands

  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • Hitachi
  • Kobelco
  • JCB
  • Doosan
  • Sany


What is the Lead Time?

Casting:30-60 days.

CNC machining:15-30 days.

What is the Payment Methods?

Our payment options include T/T, L/C, or O/A.

What is the Warranty?

One year without vandalism.

What are your terms of packing?

We ensure that our ripper shanks are carefully packed in strong fumigated wooden pallets to guarantee their safe transportation. If you have a legally registered patent, we can even pack the goods in your branded boxes after obtaining your authorization.

What are your terms of delivery?

We offer various delivery options for your convenience, including FOB, CNF, DDU, and CIF. You can choose the most suitable one based on your requirements.

How about your delivery time?

If we have the specific ripper shank model in stock, the delivery time will be relatively shorter, usually taking just a few days. Otherwise, it may require approximately 20 to 60 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Can you produce ripper shanks according to samples?

Absolutely! We have the capability to produce ripper shanks based on your provided samples or technical drawings. If necessary, we can also build customized molds to meet your specific requirements.

What is your sample policy?

If we have ready parts in stock, we can supply you with a sample. However, please note that customers are responsible for covering the sample cost and courier charges.

What is a ripper shank?

A ripper shank is an attachment used on heavy machinery, such as bulldozers or excavators, to break up hard or compacted materials. It is a long, sturdy steel component that extends from the machine’s frame and features a pointed tip. The ripper shank is designed to penetrate the ground and apply force to loosen and break apart the material.

How many horsepower per shank on a ripper?

The horsepower per ripper shank can vary depending on the specific machine and application. The power required for a ripper shank is determined by factors such as the material being worked on, the depth of the penetration, and the machine’s overall capabilities. To determine the ideal horsepower per shank for a particular ripper, it is recommended to consult the equipment manufacturer or refer to the machine’s specifications.

How to replace a ripper shank tip on a Gannon?
  1. To replace a ripper shank tip on a Gannon attachment, you can follow these general steps:
  • Ensure the machine is turned off and the hydraulic system is depressurized.
  • Locate the retaining bolts or pins that secure the ripper shank tip to the shank assembly.
  • Remove the bolts or pins using appropriate tools, such as a wrench or hammer.
  • Take off the old ripper shank tip from the shank assembly.
  • Position the new ripper shank tip onto the shank assembly, ensuring it aligns correctly.
  • Insert and tighten the retaining bolts or pins to secure the new ripper shank tip in place.
  • Double-check the tightness of the bolts or pins and ensure proper alignment before resuming operation.
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