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Welcome to NingBo Winner Tiger Machinery Co., Ltd, your trusted Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) supplier with 10 years of experience in manufacturing customized scraper blades. As a leading manufacturer, we specialize in providing high-quality scraper blades tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our blades quality are compatible with OEM brands, welcome to contact Us Today!

OEM Equivalent Quality


Customized Specifications

We specialize in providing casting, forging, and CNC machining spare parts customized to your exact specifications. Whether you require scraper blades for construction, mining, or other industries, we can tailor our products to meet your specific needs.

Especificaciones personalizadas
Materiales de primera calidad

Premium Materials

WTM scraper blades are manufactured using carbon steel, alloy steel, and other high-quality materials. This ensures exceptional durability and performance, even in demanding scraping applications.

International Standards and Certifications

WTM adhere to international standards such as DIN, ASTM, GOST, ISO, and BS in the manufacturing of our scraper blades. Additionally, we hold certifications including ISO9001, TS16949, ISO1400, and RoHS, ensuring product quality and compliance.

International Standards and Certifications

Models That We Can Assemble

Production System

Casting Types

Testing Equipment


What is the Lead Time?

Casting:30-60 days.

CNC machining:15-30 days.

What is the Payment Methods?

Our payment options include T/T, L/C, or O/A.

What is the Warranty?

One year without vandalism.

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