Serrated Cutting Edge

For Motor Graders, Dozers, Scrapers and Excavators

State-of-the-art Serrated Cutting Edge Supplier in China

Serrated cutting edges are specialized components in massive demand in heavy equipment machinery such as motor graders, dozers, scrapers, excavators, etc. At Winner Tiger, we have earned in the competitive industry to provide top-of-the-line serrated cutting edges without compromising the quality.

These are widely used to seamlessly break up compacted materials such as soil, gravel, or asphalt and deliver better traction and maneuverability for the grader.

Trustworthy Serrated Cutting Edge Manufacturer in China

We at Winner Tiger are pioneers in the heavy machinery equipment industry, renowned for their innovation and excellence in serrated cutting-edge manufacturing. Our every OEM part is a perfect instance of precision engineering and top-tier craftsmanship. We aim to help our clients stay at the forefront with the best customized and cost-cutting solutions. We ensure our reliable products are specially designed to fulfill the industry needs and standards and deliver maximum return on investment.

All cutting edges are available in a serrated profile – custom-designed for the application.

Ideal for hard-packed or winter surfaces, Bucyrus Blades’ serrated cutting edges can handle high-impact and abrasive applications. Our serrated blades are a top customer choice for superior penetration and increased production.

Serrated blades are available for motor graders, dozers, scrapers, excavators, and wheel loaders.

Most Bucyrus Blades cutting edges can be modified to a serrated profile – custom-designed to match performance requirements. Solutions include reversible or non-reversible options with custom tooth spacing, length and angles, and segment end gaps to best match the job conditions.

Winner Tiger serrated cutting-edges- Promise to Heavy Duty Performance

A custom application of Infinity® embedded tungsten carbide is available for extreme abrasion. The tungsten carbide can be applied in various patterns to increase blade service life, improve performance, and reduce downtime.

Serrated cutting edges installed on excavator buckets provide increased machine versatility. The serrated blades can be quickly bolted in place when extra penetration is needed without changing buckets or using a different machine.

Features and Benefits

  • Better penetration for improved production with less fuel consumption
  • Optional embedded tungsten carbide for longer blade life, less downtime
  • Available with custom tooth spacing, tooth length, and tooth angle
  • Offered in reversible and non-reversible configurations

Get in Touch with Winner Tiger to buy Serrated Cutting Edge

High-quality serrated cutting edges in heavy machinery increase cutting efficiency, improve traction, and enhance performance in challenging terrain conditions. If you’re looking for affordable and durable serrated cutting-edge, look no further than Winner Tiger. These are perfect additions to loaders, excavators, graders, scrapers, bulldozers, and other heavy-duty machinery. 

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us and meet your expectations.


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