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Customized Snow Plows: Your Reliable G.E.T. Supplier in China

Snow Plows Series

Are you in need of high-quality snow plows tailored to your specific requirements? Look no further than NingBo Winner Tiger Machinery Co., Ltd, a trusted Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) supplier with 10 years of experience in manufacturing customized snow plows. WTM specialize in providing premium snow plows, including straight blade plows, V-plows, and winged plows, suitable for a wide range of snow removal applications.

OEM Equivalent Quality


Premium Materials

WTM manufacture snow plows using high-quality materials such as carbon steel and alloy steel. These materials offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that our snow plows can withstand rigorous snow clearing operations. You can rely on WTM snow plows to perform reliably in demanding winter conditions.

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Outstanding Performance

WTM snow plows are designed to deliver outstanding performance in snow removal operations. Whether you need to clear light snow or heavy, compacted snow, WTM plows are engineered to handle the task efficiently. With features like adjustable angles, reinforced structures, and reliable attachment systems, our snow plows make snow removal easier and more effective.

Flexible Packaging Options

To ensure the safe transportation and delivery of our snow plows, WTM offer various packaging solutions, including carton boxes and pallets. WTM can also arrange customized packaging based on your specific requirements, ensuring that your snow plows arrive in perfect condition.

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Models That We Can Assemble

Production System

Casting Types

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What is the Lead Time?

Casting:30-60 days.

CNC machining:15-30 days.

What is the Payment Methods?

Our payment options include T/T, L/C, or O/A.

What is the Warranty?

One year without vandalism.

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